E-Bration brings together convenience, security and ever-lasting memories to revolutionize the way people give and receive
 cards and cash gifts. Are you ready to transform this experience into the digital and eco-friendly era?

Celebrate Your Loved One

Heading to a wedding? Don't worry about bringing your card and gift with you...
get it all done online through E-Bration!

Find Your Wedding
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    Select Your Card

    Choose your favorite
    wedding e-card

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    Personalize Your Message

    Type out your own special
    message to the newlyweds

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    Give Gift

    Decide how much money you
    would like to give as your gift

Welcome To The Best Day Of Your Life

Ready to get married? Make the process of receiving your cash gifts and cards as
safe and simple as possible with E-Bration!

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    Register Your Wedding

    Submit all of the details for your big day. Invite your guests and digitally track RSVPs.

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    View Your Cards and Messages

    After your wedding, go through a digital slideshow of all of the cards and messages from your guests.

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    Transfer Money

    Skip the hassle of depositing all your wedding money at the bank and just transfer right to your account. Send thank you's right from your dashboard.

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    Order Memor-E-Book

    Combine photos of your guests alongside their cards and messages into a commemorative e-book.

Why E-Bration?


Traditional Methods

  • Go to the card store and find the perfect card. Write your message inside and put your check inside the card. Bring envelope to the wedding.
  • Couples open up their cards and gifts. Cards are likely eventually thrown out.
  • All of the cash and checks must be brought to the bank to deposit

E-Bration Methods

  • Guests can simply select their card, type out their message, and give their cash gift all through the convenience of an online platform.
  • All of the cards and messages will automatically be organized into a digital slideshow. You can order this into an e-book to cherish forever.
  • With the click of a button, all of the cash gifts can be deposited right into your bank account!
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    Preserving Memories

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